Styles Of Wall and Ceiling Textures

Knockdown (Skip Trowel) Texture : Knockdown is one of the most popular ceiling and wall textures today. The name comes from the final procedure in the texturing technique where you will level off (or knock down) the high points in the texture. To apply this texture you will need joint compound, a knockdown drywall knife and a rental texture sprayer. You will apply the joint compound with the sprayer, let is sit for a few minutes and then knock the texture down a bit with the drywall knife.

Orange Peel Texture : This texture is created by simply spraying on a light thin texture. It leaves a texture similar to the skin of an orange. It is rather easy to apply but may take some practice to match an existing texture. To spray this texture, you will need a texture sprayer or a small texture pump available at most home improvement stores. Fill the sprayer and spray the texture on the wall and allow it to dry before painting. Experiment with different joint compound consistency to find the texture you like the best.

Slapbrush (Slap Brush) Texture : This was a popular ceiling and wall texture which also goes by the name crows feet and pandas paw. It is not as popular today as it once was but you will find it on many older homes. To apply this texture, you will roll joint compound onto the ceiling and then stamp it with a special brush. The brush is commonly available at most home improvement stores.

Acoustic (Popcorn) Texture : This is a texture used only on ceilings, also known as cottage cheese texture. It was once very popular but most people today are more interested in removing it than applying it. It is an extremely easy texture to apply. You simply spray it on with a texture sprayer. For smaller areas, you can go to your home improvement store and buy an aerosol can of this texture.

Mud Swirl Texture : This kind of wall texture is usually found in older expensive homes. It is a difficult texture to apply and is best left to skilled craftsmen.